How to Organize a Backyard Wedding?

Hosting a wedding in a backyard is not just a brilliant way of saving money over a venue, but can also help create sentimental and beautiful memories. However, backyard weddings do require extra planning, particularly if you do the planning on your own.


There will be hundreds of plans to make but it is important for you to answer some questions first. Will the venue have enough space for your guests? Will you host both the reception and the ceremony, and do you have enough room to assign area for both? Are there enough bathrooms for everyone? What kind of dinner do you wish to hold?

Create a Theme

When it comes to choosing a backyard theme, do not go for a modern one. Best is to choose rustic, garden, or bohemian themes. However, since it is your big day, make sure you choose a décor that you love.

Hire Professionals to Prep your Yard

To make sure the backyard stands out on the big day, make sure you hire a landscaping expert at least eight weeks in advance, to turn the space into an amazing backdrop. The professionals will know exactly which plants and landscape design to use to give you the wedding of your dreams.


There is always a chance for an unpredictable weather change including, destructive breezes and scorchers. So to make sure the wedding goes on smoothly, hiring a tent is a good option. Do not consider it an eyesore – tents provide a great opportunity to use lighting and decorations.

Floors are the Best

Most of your women guests will be in heels. So, spare them and your grass, by renting a wood floor for dancing, and perhaps also a pathway down the aisle.

Rent Equipment

One of the best decisions you will make is to go through a rental company to hire tables. Proper arrangements are worth the peace of mind. Hiring rental companies will ensure that they set up and take down so you can relax on your big day.

Temperature Control

Mother Nature cannot be controlled, but it is easy to get an idea of how the weather will be like. Make sure you rent coolers or heaters as may be required, to keep guests in comfort with the passing of the day.


Our homes are not equipped to accommodate the electrical needs of an event such as a wedding. There will be extra lighting, caterers, grills, music, and a lot more that will all tax your grid, and you will not want to be the reason for a blackout in the neighborhood. It would be a good idea to rent a power back up.

Space for Kids

If you plan to invite kids to the wedding, you can create an area just for them. Backyards can include some games, tables, and maybe even a pillow and blanket pile for naps.

Having a wedding in your backyard is a great idea. It will make a stunning venue for a wedding, so embrace the natural beauty that it holds. Try not to cover up the flaws. Let its naturalness create a fairy tale backdrop. 

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