Water Sprinkler Systems: How to Choose the Right One?

Lush green lawns offer a sense of delight and freshness. The green color of grass is not only soothing to the eyes but also indicates a healthy ground. Plants that are well cared for certainly add appeal to the outdoors. However, reaching that attractive yard is hard work – there are several processes that have to be implemented. One way is by using a water sprinkler system that assists in keeping the lawn well hydrated.

There are numerous kinds of water sprinkler systems for you to choose from. You can opt for smaller machines that operate using a water hose, or you can go for bigger sprinkler systems that can be installed in the lawn, adding to the landscape. Basically, no matter which system you choose, the model and its working will differ from one to another. However, there is one thing that stays the same – they will help you get the grass wet.

Which system do you choose?

The question is which sprinkler will work best for you and your house? After all, if you have a small yard, you do not require a huge system! Here are some tips to assist you in making a decision about which kind of irrigation system meets your requirements the best.

Do not forget to ask a lot of questions before making your decision:

Make sure you ask the provider as many questions as you possibly can about the system so as to determine its features, range and more, before you make the deal. A very common and helpful feature of sprinklers is the timer to ensure the system does not run unnecessarily. Basically, timers are of three types – automatic ones that permit you to set specific time, automatic shutoff that allows you to refrain from drowning the yard and the flow timer that permits you to set the duration and heaviness of the water run.

  1. Figure out which type of soil your yard has, as sprinklers react differently to different soils.
  2. What is the location of your water source? Some system types may do better within a specific layout.
  3. Ensure that the system can easily be winterized – particularly if it is a system with underground pipes!
  4. Acquire the right understanding of different kinds of systems. Some of the most common are drip, fixed, oscillating, rotating, impact, sprinkler hoses, in-ground, and traveling.
  5. Make sure the system is made to withstand weather conditions found in your area.

Choosing a watering system for your house and yard is not a very difficult decision. Make sure you take your time and speak with a landscaping expert who has the right knowledge and experience. By having professionals on board and by putting in the right effort, you can enjoy a lush green yard that is the envy of your neighbors. Also, these systems come in very handy to cool off the yard during excessive heat and to control airborne dust particles from entering the house.

Source : http://blog.doolinglandscapeservice.com/2019/05/water-sprinkler-systems-how-to-choose.html


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