Tips on How to Choose Your Sod Installation Company

It is extremely important to know how to hire a sod installer. By using the tips offered in this blog, you will be able to choose the right provider. You will also know what to expect during and after the installation.

Protect Your Property and Yourself:

It is extremely important to know if the sod installer you are hiring is insured and licensed. There is no point in working with someone who does not have proper certification. This will help in protecting yourself as well as the provider in case any accident occurs. You can easily get hold of such information by requesting the installer or visiting their official website.

Experience Is Important:

Finding a sod installer is a lot easier than you think. Make use of referrals from family and friends or just type in “sod installers” to look for local providers over the internet. Make sure that the company you decide on has a positive business history and offers sod installation as one of its primary services. A lot of landscapers offer this service but not all of them have the capability or the expertise required to execute the service. Always ask the company to give you references and check their previously completed jobs. Do not blindly go in for the most expensive or the cheapest alternative. Check reviews.

Sod Supplier:

You must always be aware of the place from where the sod was bought. Make sure you request the provider to give you a sod sample, the mixture used and the history of the sod farm. A variety of sod is grown by farms and choosing the right sod for the region is extremely important.

Meeting the Sod Installation Professional:

Here are a few factors that the installer has to take into account before starting work:

  1. Sprinkler System: Is there already one in place or is it yet to be installed? 

Once the sod is properly laid, the installer must adjust the sprinkler heads for accommodating the height of the sod.

  1. Soil Health:

 The installer will analyze the soil to determine the integrity of the soil.

  1. Growing Conditions:

The installation expert after taking into account the shaded areas may advise trimming the tree branches to allow enough sunlight to pass through.

  1. The Amount of Sod Needed:

 The expert will discuss your scheduled projects like walkways, flower beds, patios and the like. Accurate measurements will decrease wastage and will help in controlling the sod cost and installation.

Once the expert has analyzed the property properly, he or she will give you an estimate along with a warranty. With proper background work, you can ensure that the sod installation goes on smoothly and is done the right way. Sod is a reasonable substitute for yearly reseeding and lawn renovations. With proper yearly maintenance, the sod will look good for years to come!

By following the tips mentioned above you can rest assured that the landscaping expert you choose will be the right one for you. The advice should also help you plan your sod project.

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