Choosing a Picnic Table for Your Patio

Also called barbecue tables, picnic tables are normally placed in the garden, patio or deck. Such tables add to the joy of outdoor entertainment and living. For example, a picnic table would be really useful when having guests over for an outdoor barbeque.

The Various Types of Tables Available:

The Round Tables:

The most popular and trusted picnic tables are the round tables which have been popular among masses for several years. They can be regarded as the lowest-priced picnic tables that exist today.

The biggest advantage of a round picnic table is people can easily sit around it. Everyone faces each other and hence it becomes easy to talk. However, apart from the traditional round tables, there is a huge collection of tables available in the market which goes well with modern furnishings as well.

Octagon and Hexagon:

The modern tables are known as the octagon and hexagon picnic tables. They are named after their shapes. The advantages of such tables are that-

  • They help in creating a very sociable environment
  • The octagon picnic tables are extremely large and can accommodate more than 16 people.

Choosing a Picnic Table That Is Right:

Individual Needs

How can one find a perfect table? Firstly, it is very important to consider exactly what one needs.

Remember, it is important to know how the table will be used. The answer to this will have an imminent impact on the choices one makes pertaining to the picnic table and the type one buys. This will also affect the number of picnic tables bought in the end.

Table Size

Size is an important factor when it comes to buying a picnic table. It is a deliberation which must be made when one is about to buy a table. For instance, should the family be a big one, or extremely sociable, it is wise to buy a large picnic table. However, if not a large one, then buying a couple will also help.

Table Design

The design of the table is another factor which must be contemplated. Picnic tables come in a variety of shapes and styles. In fact, they are even available in a wide range of colors and are built out of different materials like oak, wood, cedar and what not. It is not that hard to find picnic tables as there are a variety of styles available. There are certain standard tables as well which come in one piece only.

Table Cost and Budget

Cost is a very important factor which will have to be considered when one buys a table. Once the buyer begins pricing the picnic tables, he or she will see that the rates widely vary. Even if the buyer is on a limited budget, there are picnic tables that will fit into their price range. This will involve some price comparison and a bit of research, but it is not impossible to find a well-priced affordable table. The best way to go about it is to surf the internet. You can also seek the advice of a landscaping expert for the same.

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