Common Tree Problems You Must Look out for

Trees are prone to several diseases and problems when seasons change. Insects tend to become active and it is important to remain vigilant. Not letting the problems develop and being proactive is a good strategy for ensuring the good health of trees. Below are some of the things that you must look out for:

1. Compacted Soil: In most yards, trees grow in soils that are compacted. The ongoing foot traffic along with construction projects and lawnmowers leads to soil compaction. Moreover, compaction of soil happens at the time the house is constructed, leading to crushed roots, stressed soil and limited root growth. Reduce stress and compaction by loosening the soil.

2. Tree Leaves Turning Brown: Brown leaves maybe a sign of trouble during some seasons as they point towards something alarming.  In case the leaves of your tree are browning from their veins when the budding period starts, you can assume that the tree is suffering from a fungal disease. One of the most common is anthracnose, as it is known to boom in wet weather. One of the best ways of saving the tree is by resorting to expert treatment.

3. Natural and Mechanical Damage: Animals and lawn equipment can easily damage the trees. Rabbits and deer are the most destructive on your trees and shrubs. Moreover, as most people utilize string trimmers and lawnmowers, they can hurt tree trunks accidentally. When injured by such equipment or even by animals, such injuries tend to harm trees.

4. There Is a Sticky Material on the Tree Leaves: Sap is specifically appetizing for aphids, as it contains carbohydrates. As soon as they make their home on the tree, they start leaving sticky residue, also popularly known as honeydew. The substance attracts mold and fungi and tends to curl the leaves. With so many different kinds of aphids, you will have to choose a treatment accordingly. Get in touch with experts on what the best methods are for dealing with the problem of aphids.

5. Insects That Are Scaly: It is also important to protect the flora from scaly insects. A lot like aphids, scaly insects leave identical marks and are known to be a lot more destructive, although really small. They can be found in clumps, creating colored spots over the barks, leaves, and needles. Using the right insecticide plays an important role in getting rid of this problem.

6. Falling and Chewed Leaves: In case you notice that the leaves of the trees are missing on several branches and are shedding prematurely, it is possible that the cause could be caterpillars. Some of the most common trees that are victims are oak, maple, elm, hickory, apple, beech and ash trees. In case you see such damage, you may have to use an insecticide. During autumn, can try caterpillar prevention with the help of insecticidal tree band.

These are a few tree problems that one should be cautious about. It is important to detect the problems early as you will be able to control them more effectively. Also, make sure you speak to a landscaping expert for more advice. 

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