Maintaining a Garden with Landscape Irrigation

Landscape irrigation has become an important part of any landscaping project as experts understand the need for installing a proper watering system. Landscaping is essentially the method of beautifying an area with lawns, gardens, courtyards, shrubs, trees, plants and more. The notion of a beautiful commercial or residential space appeals to everyone and consequently landscaping is not only the growing of shrubs and trees, but doing it in such a way that the landscaped area looks beautiful and is pleasing aesthetically.

Landscaping originated in the year 1598 when the Dutch introduced this genre in the field of arts. This later took many forms with different artists painting different pictures of sceneries. This in turn led to the creation of magnificent gardens and commercial spaces using numerous techniques and systems.

While setting up a vibrant and beautiful garden is a simple and easy process, maintaining it throughout the years in the same condition can be a different matter. The availability or supply of water is an important factor, as most plants depend on regular watering for survival. To assist in garden maintenance, there are numerous water irrigation systems.

  • Common Garden Irrigation Methods:Irrigation Systems That Use Rainwater:

This irrigation system works best for the health of the plants as the water is natural and does not contain any of the toxins or chemicals that may be utilized by the local water supply for treating and purifying the water. Rainwater certainly helps to grow healthier and larger plants. If the state faces a dry year, it may force the landscapers to utilize less water due to legal restrictions by local authorities, but a rainwater harvesting system if installed can permit them to water the plants as needed.

  • Drip Irrigation Systems:

This system runs water continuously and requires a lot of power. While they are great for the plants, providing specialized and targeted watering (and at times fertilizer)can make it expensive because of the electricity cost of the pumps. An irrigation system which is solar powered will assist in decreasing costs and can also deliver the advantages of a drip irrigation technique.

  • Sprinkler Irrigation Systems:

This system waters plants in a way that is similar to rainfall. Using pipes that are attached to spray heads, water is pumped out covering a pre-determined distance. The water falls on the land as droplets, like rain. Such systems can also be placed underground. This assists in keeping the area free of pipes and reduces the likelihood of animals destroying the equipment.

One can find numerous variations in irrigation systems. The choice should ultimately be based on aspects such as water availability, budgetary considerations, local regulations and the preferences of the individual ordering the system. Getting in touch with a professional landscaping expert or an irrigation contractor to choose an irrigation system for the area will ensure that you have an appropriate solution for your irrigation needs. The experts will have the necessary experience and will know which option is correct for your area.

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