Small Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Having a beautifully landscaped backyard adds immensely to the enjoyment and happiness of the people residing in the house. Not all homes have large backyards and many homeowners make the mistake of presuming that their small backyard cannot be landscaped or that nothing much can be done in the limited space available. This is not true. With a little imagination and professional landscaping, even a small backyard can become a relaxing outdoor oasis in which to unwind; it can be used either to entertain friends or for the family to just hang out. Try and plan your landscape – it’s a fun thing to do and it will get your creative juices flowing. Once you have a concept in mind, contact a professional landscaping company that will work with you to turn your ideas into reality and give you your perfect small backyard.

Gardener mowing the lawn. Landscape design. Green grass background
Gardener mowing the lawn. Landscape design. Gardening
Landscaping Guidelines for Small Yards
  • Go vertical. When flat area is limited, build vertical tiered or vertical garden beds that hang off walls.
  • Find multiple purposes for the space available. By combining uses, you can save a lot of space. For example, a privacy fence can also be the mounting for vertical garden beds. A small patio can also have a fire pit that is covered to give more floor area when not in use.
  • Move the deck. A deck doesn’t have to be attached to the house. It can be located in a corner and that will create the illusion of the yard being larger than it really is.
  • Use built-in seating. You need some place to sit in the yard, but chairs take up a lot of space, especially lounge chairs. Built-in chairs will save a lot of space and people will not be constantly bumping into them. Built-in furniture can be elegant as well as comfortable and easy to use.
  • A slope can make a yard appear smaller than it is and a sloping space is not easy to use. However, if it is made into terraced garden beds, you can have your flowers and greenery there, and leave other spaces for other uses.
  • Remove the ground monotony. A yard that has the same ground cover all over can look smaller than it is. Mixing up the cover by way of pavers, turf, rocks and so on will add the variety that will visually open up the area.
  • Use outdoor lighting to remove shadows and make the yard an inviting open place to spend time in after dark.
  • Think of a compact entertainment area. Even a small flat seating area with a few comfortable chairs, a tiny bar/barbeque/fire pit or even an outdoor TV will add another dimension to your small yard and make it feel larger.
  • Install French doors for access to the backyard. The large glass area will integrate the indoor and outdoor spaces and make the yard appear larger than it is.
Also Read: How to Organize a Backyard Wedding? Expert Design Makes All the Difference Talk to a landscaping professional about what can be done for your small backyard. He will integrate your ideas into a total yard design and with your approval will create the great small backyard that you never knew you could have.

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