What Are The 10 Steps To Preparing A Garden?

Summer is when the backyard sees the most use. Not only will the family spend a lot of time outdoors, but it is also a great place for entertaining. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that a small yard is not good for entertaining. This is so wrong. Sure, the number of people that can be comfortably accommodated may be less in a small yard, but the quality of the party does not have to be compromised. Creating a stunning place to relax, entertain or to just chill out is not hard.

10 Simple Steps to get your garden ready for summer

  • Clean up your garden furniture. A lick of paint or a little polish and elbow grease can go a long way towards making the seating and table(s) inviting. Don’t forget to clean the cushions –you may not realize how dirty they became in winter until you see the difference cleaning makes.
  • If you have even a small deck, scattering cushions and including a small rug can add greatly to the comfort that it offers.
  • If you plan to entertain during the day, awnings, garden umbrellas and pergolas all make nice shady spots to spend time in when the sun is out. A trellis with climbing vines can cast a lot of shade.
  • If the evenings are cool, why not think about a small fire pit. It doesn’t take up a lot of space and it will add another dimension to the evening.
  • Lighting is important for evening entertainment. The key is to find the right balance between illumination that adds to the ambience and garish brightness that ruins the mood.

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  • If it suits your style, think about glow-in-the-dark paint to decorate a wall or fence. This could enhance the appeal of the garden and also become a conversation point for your guests.
  • It’s an obvious thing to do, but in the rush of getting the yard ready for guests a lot of people forget about the importance of mowing the grass, pruning the shrubs and tidying up the flower beds. Remember that these form the foundation of garden appeal.
  • Night scented flowers like honeysuckle, phlox or jasmine will add a wonderful fragrance to the evening.
  • Create an herb wall near the barbecue. This will add to the aromas in the air and make the herbs easily accessible for cooking.
  • Clean up the barbecue and bar. These are not just functional areas, but places where guests tend to congregate. If they are stained and tired-looking, the overall appeal of the yard will be reduced.

Get Expert Help

To have a yard and landscape you can be really proud of, which will be admired and talked about long after the party is over, use garden landscaping services to make your yard a place of beauty. The expert knowledge and artistic skills of a professional landscaper will transform your yard from a nice place to a truly beautiful one. All you need to do to get started is to search for a “gardener near me” check out the qualifications, experience and services and give the job to the one whom you are comfortable with.


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