Getting Your Garden Ready for Summer | Flagstones for Walkways in San Jose

Getting Your Garden Ready for Summer

Spring is that time of year when homeowners look at their gardens with happiness and pride. The sad part of this is that spring is over before you know it and suddenly your garden has to play catchup with the summer that started without your realizing it. It happens to everyone and because of that, there are hacks that you can apply to speed up your summer garden readiness. Here are a few ways to swing the balance back in your favor.


This is the least enjoyable part of gardening, but it has to be done so why not get it over with? Just a few hours spent hoeing and pulling out weeds will set you on the path to your summer garden. It will also make the area look well-cared for and that will hide any defects that unexpected early summer visitors to your home may otherwise notice.

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The Lawn

The edges of the lawn may look uneven and unkempt so using a sharp shovel or lawn edger to rework them is important. Use a plank or a piece of string held taut between 2 pegs to get straight lines. Once that is done, you can mow the grass.


Some of your plants may not have done well during the winter. If so, you need to replace them. You could repeat what you had before, or you could try something different to give the garden a fresh new look. Knowing what plants to put in requires knowledge of how well they will grow, the amount of care and maintenance they need and whether the new ones are compatible with what you already have. This is where having expert knowledge available to guide you will be very useful.

The Hardscape

Does your patio/deck look old and worn? This is the time to clean it up and repair it. The same is true for your garden furniture. Clean your cushions and replace those that look old and tired. Is the walkway covered with grass, or do some flagstones need replacing? The change a refreshed hardscape can make will be an eye-opener.

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Look around your garden. Look for anything that looks old, tatty or worn and get started on repairs to make it ready for summer.

Keeping your garden at its best year-round takes time and energy. With climate change affecting everyone, what you have been doing for years to maintain your landscape may no longer be viable, useful or practical. Spending hours looking after the landscape only to find that the changed climate has nullified or reduced the impact of your efforts is both frustrating and heartbreaking. Avoid the stress and hassle by getting hold of a professional landscaping company that will ensure that your landscape looks its best, year-round, irrespective of the vagaries of climate change. Such a company will have a landscape designer to make any changes that may be needed and experts to ensure that your plants, trees and shrubs are healthy and look their best. The company will also help you find the right flagstones for walkways and lay them out; they will install landscape lighting and much more. That will leave you free to relax and enjoy the summer outdoors in a beautiful garden.


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