Garden Maintenance Checklist

This checklist covers the basics of landscape maintenance and shows both the time-consuming and easy ways to get it done.

What Are The 10 Steps To Preparing A Garden?

Backyards tend to suffer neglect in winter and that means that a little effort has to be taken to make them ready for summer parties. Here are a few of the basics that you should consider doing to get your garden ready for summer.

Small Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Having a beautifully landscaped backyard adds immensely to the enjoyment and happiness of the people residing in the house. Not all homes have large backyards and many homeowners make the mistake of presuming that their small backyard cannot be landscaped or that nothing much can be done in the limited space available. This is not…

Create a Backyard Oasis of Peace

Your home is your castle, but it can be, at times, a loud and bustling place. During those times, when you need some quiet “me” time, there seems to be no place to go. Or is there?

The Basic of Sod Installation

A thick, healthy lawn is a great addition to the exterior of a home. It could be a stand-alone feature – an open green space to spend time in or it could be the foundation of an elaborate landscape. One of the most popular ways to quickly get the lawn you want is to use…

What Type of Landscaping Increases Home Value?

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), not only does great curb appeal equal money in the bank at closing, 276% of the cost of upkeep is recovered at the time of sale. This is serious money. Landscaping services not only make your home a beautiful place to live, but it also increases its…