Using Reclaimed Wood in your Yard

You may have seen people making furniture with reclaimed wood. However, did you know that you could use it for your outdoor needs too? It will ensure your yard a beautiful and classic feel. In case you are landscaping on your own, just be careful about the source of such wood you desire to acquire.

Reclaimed wood may come from old buildings, which once held hazardous materials. Also, take heed of rusted nails and screws in the wood.

Here are a few inspirational ideas of landscaping with reclaimed wood:

Outdoor shelves
Simple and plain, make use of the wood for creating outdoor shelves with a weathered look to keep anything from plants to gardening tools, and the like.

Space dividers
If you wish to create designated spaces within the yard, you can mount planks of reclaimed wood to create an interesting wall.

Artistic fence
If you are planning to build a fence, consider using reclaimed wood. You can supplement it with materials such as ceiling tiles to give it an artistic touch. What you create would be a fence that is unique and appealing.

Vertical Garden
Vertical gardens have become extremely popular these days; you can make one for yourself easily with recycled wooden pallets! Make use of a good quality backing and plant herbs or small plants, and you’re all set for a wonderful visual treat! These recycled planters have the added advantage of keeping your garden clean and healthy, free from pests.

Hire an artist or call your artist friend for a favor. Ask them to use reclaimed wood to create an amazing outdoor art for you. Your yard will be nothing less than an old-world fantasy with the magic of paintings.

Outdoor station
If you are one of those people who love to entertain, you can make use of reclaimed wood to create a bar out there in your yard. Outdoor bars are an amazing alternative to mounting a full-fledged outdoor kitchen. They are also perfect spaces for serving snacks and drinks. Another possibility with wood is an exciting outdoor gardening station.

Garden Gates
You can make your family and guests feel like they are entering an old country garden if you install an artistically designed garden gate made of reclaimed wood.

Patio Frames
Rather than making use of new wood for creating a ceiling or frame for your patio, you can consider the use of reclaimed wood. You may plant some flowering vines to add more color and charm to the patio frames made that way.

Retaining garden beds and walls
You can make those raised backyard or garden walls appear less installed and more natural by using the knotted look of reclaimed wood.

As suggested above, you can achieve so much with reclaimed wood. What you need is some imagination and a little creativity. If you’re not sure about what you can do with your old furniture and wood, make it a point to speak to a landscaping expert before disposing it of. They can help make your outdoors look prettier, finding use for things you want to discard.

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