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Professional Landscape Installation Makes Sense

All homeowners have a vision of what they want their gardens and yards to look like. It could be very functional or highly ornate – it is a matter of personal choice and there is no right or wrong when it comes to landscape design and installation. However, both design and installation need expert knowledge and know-how to create an outdoor area that not only crystalizes the homeowner’s vision but which is also both lasting and easy to maintain.

The Design

Whether it’s a secluded peaceful place to chill and unwind or a space for barbequing and entertaining, a landscape needs to fulfill specific purposes. Of course, in a family, every member will have their own ideas of what the landscape should look like, and these could differ widely. Combining the competing, and often conflicting, ideas and demands is not easy. Compromise is the key, but without expert management, the compromises could lead to a mixed-up mishmash of a garden that will make no one happy. That is why calling in a landscape design professional is the right way to go. He will be able to synthesize the various requirements into a viable design that will not just work but will also add value to the home. Often, equally important is the fact that he will be able to work within the homeowner’s budget.


Many people think of themselves as good gardeners, and a large percentage of them are. But tending to flower beds and mowing the lawn is not the same thing as installing a landscape. Landscape installation requires expert knowledge of the following:

  • Local soil and climate conditions so that plants that will flourish in the environment can be planted. If the soil needs to be modified, by adding nutrients or mixing different types of earth to create the right growth conditions, professional knowledge is needed.
  • The spacing of the plants is important. Different plants have different airflow and sunlight needs so the location and space between plants are critical.
  • Some plants need more water than others so the installation has to ensure that all plants receive the right amount of water. Overwatering plants can be as damaging as allowing them to dry up.
  • Will an irrigation system be a good idea? If so, can it fit into the budget? Only an expert can answer these questions.
  • If hardscaping is required – a deck, pergola, trellises, pavers and so on – they have to blend in with the overall landscape concept so that they do not look like out-of-place afterthoughts. A landscaping professional will be able to create what is wanted, using the right materials to ensure that they are an organic part of the overall landscape concept.

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  • Having a beautiful and functional yard is no fun if the homeowner has to spend more than what is reasonable to maintain it. A landscaping professional will be able to balance the landscape that is wanted with the landscape that is viable in terms of the time and money available for its upkeep.

The point of a landscape is to have an outdoor area that is a pleasure to be in and which also adds value to the home.

DIY landscape installation may look like a way to save money. But in the long run, the extra costs of maintenance and upkeep could make it more expensive than having the job done by a professional. If you are thinking of installing a new landscape in San Jose, contact a landscaping professional to have the job done the way you want and the way that is right.


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